Wagner Tuning Carbon Air Intake System Mercedes C63(S) AMG



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Mercedes W205 C63 (S) AMG 350-375KW/476-510PS (2015-2020)
Mercedes S205 C63 (S) AMG 350-375KW/476-510PS (2015-2020)
Mercedes C205 C63 (S) AMG 350-375KW/476-510PS (2015-2020)
Mercedes A205 C63 (S) AMG 350-375KW/476-510PS (2016-2020)

Engine code: M 177 DE 40 AL

The Wagner Tuning Air-Intake-System is a direct replacement for the factory system removing all the OEM bottlenecks. The flow optimized carbon ram air inlet ducts, carbon airbox covers and airbox bottoms with enlarged panel filters ensure the best possible airflow characteristics removing unnecessary restrictions and turbulence. High Performance air filters, enlarged 58% over OEM, guarantee superior flow whilst ensuring excellent filtration. This Air-Intake-System offers mass air flow improvements of 90% over OEM. Engine response and power output greatly improved.

The Wagner Tuning Carbon Air-Intake-Systems quality design, fit and finish enhances the engine bay aesthetics.

The kit comes with:2 carbon airbox cover2 plastic airbox bottom2 carbon ram air duct4 silicon adapter hoses (black)2 high performance air filter mats1 mounting material1 installation instruction

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